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Cybrcast 019: I’m not sleeping with that thing!

Get show via iTunes, direct, or just Huffduff It via our website With Clay (@CWDaly and photography), Ty (@TY09), Dick (@Dick_Daly and, and Tosh Polak (@ToshPolak and, also his a cappella group Singer G) →Please support Tosh’s effort for Habitat for Humanity 10 mile run Our 19th installment: Marques Brownlee with his Samsung Note 4 impressions Marques Brownlee with the odd Samsung Galaxy Note …

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Cybrcast 003

Get show via iTunes, direct, or just Huffduff It via our website In our third episode we discussed: Our 2014 expectations Tech News battle: TNT (Elgan) vs DTNS (Merritt) Online programming mobile applications for Android via Coursera, et al Kevin Rose perhaps to do new blogging platform Moto X price drop when bought directly, can also get …

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