Cybrcast 101: Control is an Illusion, and Full of Delusion

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  • Featuring Clay (@CWDaly), Ty (@TY09), Dick (@Dick_Daly &, and Tosh Polak (@ToshPolak & his a cappella group Singer G)
  • Our 101th installment:
    • We cover all the shows and movies we are watching
    • Bubblesort TV: Game of Thrones
    • Tosh and Dick mention some music they are currently listening to
    • Dick’s Pick
    • Dick’s Facebook Post
      • Here are my thoughts on Pride Month and the Movement as a whole: It seems like we’ve finally come to a point in our history and society where the majority is finally on the right side of this issue. You see more and more companies jumping on the bandwagon with their rainbow-colored advertising campaigns and promotional products. It’s obvious some are just doing it to benefit their bottom lines, but I’m not gonna sit here and hate on progress.When it comes to LGBT rights and acceptance, we’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. I think it’s a shame that I still have friends and probably some family that have to live closeted lives. Whether it’s due to cultural, professional or religious pressures, they can never openly be who they are. I may never meet their lovers, their partners, their significant others or even them as they truly are. Things that the heterosexually privileged take for granted.

        To those that still senselessly hate and vilify those that are different, it’s time for that to stop. Find out why you’re so uncomfortable with the idea and sort it out. But it’s time to put the jokes, the ignorance and hate aside. I know I’m going to get flack for this post, especially from the most hard core homophobes that I know, but it’s just time to let this go.

        And to those reading this that have decided that it’s safer to continue living in the closet (if that term is still appropriate) than to come out, I hope the moment arrives where the scales tip in your favor. I hope you find the strength, courage, and support to live your life. I know it’s easier said than done and I know I have no idea what it’s like to make such a heavy decision, but just know that I’ve got your back. No pause.

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