Cybrcast 005: I need to get social again!

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  • In our fifth episode we discussed:
    • Ty just had to mention this ‘Flappy Bird’ thing which got removed by Dong
    • Google has dumped Motorola
    • Schizophrenia
    • Rumor that Nexus line may be discontinued by Google in 2015
    • Cute Erica Griffin reviewing Moto G more waterproof than advertised
    • South Park made cursing okay
    • PdaNet + FoxFi for tethering
    • A smartwatch for $50
    • Driverless cars how long will it be for that to be a thing?
    • Swiftkey note taking app on iOS
    • Duolingo is great for learning another language
    • Great writeup by Gruber on Microsoft
    • Possible Apple event in March
    • And we may discuss Her on next episode