Cybrcast 004: So 3D is dead?

Get show via iTunes, direct, or just Huffduff It via our website In our fourth episode we discussed: Curved TV is up and 3D down? Hobbit shot at 48fps HBO doesn’t mind account sharing for now We discussed the length of show seasons Chrome 32 launches with noisy tab indicators SLR, ILC, or MILC, CSC, MSC, DSLM, …

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Cybrcast 003

Get show via iTunes, direct, or just Huffduff It via our website In our third episode we discussed: Our 2014 expectations Tech News battle: TNT (Elgan) vs DTNS (Merritt) Online programming mobile applications for Android via Coursera, et al Kevin Rose perhaps to do new blogging platform Moto X price drop when bought directly, can also get …

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